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Europe will have to dig deep for the shale gas dream

Shale gas has been called a game changer in the US but Europe will have a tough job emulating the US’ success, writes Tim Probert. This article first appeared in the December issue of The Energy Industry Times. There is no question that shale gas has been a ‘game-changer’ in the United States. From virtually … Continue reading

Drilling through the spin – UK shale gas exploration

Cuadrilla Resources, Britain’s first shale gas exploration license holder, claims a 500 square miles area around Blackpool, Preston and Southport contains enough methane to meet national gas demand for at least 50 years and create thousands of jobs. Proponents say Cuadrilla’s resource is revolutionary, opponents say shale gas is unnecessary. Who’s right? Tim Probert digs … Continue reading

Vattenfall abandons 500 MW Jaenschwalde carbon capture plant in Germany

Swedish power utility Vattenfall has abandoned a planned 500 MW carbon capture and storage (CCS) plant at Jaenschwalde, Germany, expected to cost €1.5 billion, after the German federal government rejected a bill allowing underground carbon storage. The 500 MW CCS demonstration project was to utilize a new 250 MW Oxyfuel boiler and see another 250 MW … Continue reading

Shedding some Light on Namibia

The Caprivi Link ensures reliable power transfer capability between the east and west of the Southern African Power Pool. Tim Probert takes a first-hand look at the link, which is ABB’s first HVDC Light installation built with overhead lines and is also the highest rated and longest system of its type currently in operation. This article … Continue reading