About Tim Probert



Tim Probert is a journalist, specialising in energy.

Tim has a strong track record as a writer & editor for a variety of energy-related subjects, with a particular focus on technological and regulatory developments in the electricity industry.

Publications written for:

  • African Review of Business & Technology
  • AMPS Power
  • Arabian Business
  • Asian Power
  • Batteries & Energy Storage Technology (as Editor)
  • Critical Power (as Launch Editor)
  • Datamonitor Energy
  • Energo
  • Energy World
  • Estates Gazette
  • Fierce Smart Grid
  • Gas Turbine World
  • Green Power Conferences
  • ICIS (as Reporter/Editor)
  • Intelligent Utility
  • Large Scale Solar
  • Materials World
  • Mining Magazine
  • Modern Power Systems
  • New Power
  • Power Engineering International (as Deputy Editor)
  • Process Engineering
  • Renewable Energy Monitor
  • Renewable Energy World
  • reNEWS (Features Editor)
  • Savills Energy
  • Sussex Life
  • The Energy Industry Times
  • The Times
  • Turbomachinery International
  • Water and Wastewater International
  • Wood Focus

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Millicent Probert


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