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ESA: Now let’s not get carried away

Despite the enormous hype at the annual US Energy Storage Association conference in Washington, D.C., there are too many outstanding issues to be truly ready for prime time, finds the Editor. This article was first published in the Summer 2014 issue of Batteries & Energy Storage Technology.   The first commandment of dealing drugs is … Continue reading

The quest for the Holy Grail: Top takeaways from energy storage seminar

The first law of thermodynamics states energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one type of energy to another. The second law of thermodynamics states when an energy transformation is made, some of the energy lost as heat. That is why there can never be a perpetual motion machine and why energy storage … Continue reading

ABB, GE energy storage system videos

I’m currently researching a feature about what the major power grid equipment OEMs – ABB, Alstom, GE, Siemens etc. – are offering/developing in terms of energy storage solutions for utility scale applications. Here are a few videos of the current products. ABB’s lithium-ion DynaPeaQ system: (Many thanks to Andy Bartlett of Six Degrees PR for … Continue reading