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Biomass Industry Outlook 2013: Dogged by Regulatory Uncertainty

One word will suffice to summarize the outlook for the biomass industry: uncertainty. Concerns are fourfold: the EPA’s Boiler (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) MACT, Non-Hazardous Secondary Material (NHSM) and Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rules, and the Federal Production Tax Credit. This article was first published on Boiler MACT Rule Boiler MACT would classify boilers as … Continue reading

Meeting European demand for biomass wood pellets

Driven by European Union renewables targets, demand for biomass wood pellets is set to soar over the next decade as utilities displace coal in thermal power plants. Tim Probert explores how the industry will manage to procure sufficient sustainable biomass. While utilities can and do burn hundreds of different types of biomass, literally almost any … Continue reading

Converting to Bioenergy: Benefits and Challenges

With legislation increasingly tough on coal-burning plants, many are switching to renewable fuels to ensure longevity. But supply chain issues may prevent some plants from undertaking the conversion process. Tim Probert profiles the UK’s Tilbury power station, a 1960s coal plant which has become the world’s largest biomass plant, and talks to Drax about the … Continue reading

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