Sunday Papers Energy Newslinks, 23 February 2014




Frack backlash has Tory MPs quaking in boots

North Sea shale gas

Cameron warns Scottish independence would jeopardise North Sea oil

Refinery crisis deepens as Welsh plant faces closure

Roll up, roll up for electric Monopoly at 150mph



Cabinet’s warning to Scotland over North Sea oil

Put investment and energy at heart of Budget, CBI urges

BP nears deal to lift ban on US contracts

Wind farms paid £30m to shut down during high winds

The energy ‘savers’ that cost you more

BBC flogs dead horse 





Centrica typifies the ills of the British energy industry

Nuclear leaks bill will be paid by taxpayer


independent edit



Risk of nuclear leak sparks call for installation of flood defences

North Sea oil investment could be at risk if Scotland votes for independence, warns David Cameron ahead of Aberdeen cabinet meeting






Hard at work in… Mexico: Ed Miliband’s flood supremo basks in 85C on sun-kissed jolly as Britons count the cost of the deluge

North Sea oil companies ‘must drill together’ to maximise production

Simply electrifying: Tesla’s ingeniously designed, earth-shatteringly fast, battery-powered supercar






Millions to get energy payout as faulty meter clocks blamed for overcharging







How to get YOUR money back from the bank accounts of the Big Six energy firms







Climate change is as old as the hills – but do environmentalists really have the right idea?





Scottish independence: New energy department plan






Ukip adviser branded hypocrite after striking wind-farm deals


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