Sunday Papers Energy Newslinks, 15 December 2013


It shale be done: green light for fracking

Coal power plant faces axe by ministers

Biomass: a burning issue

Firms plan huge rollout of pylons [Ireland]

Gas deal sealed for extra €50m [Ireland]

Big six fail to deliver best buys

Peronist builds a fracking empire

The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Energy Revolution by Gregory Zuckerman

Abramovich Jr buys £110m oilfield

Branson and DiCaprio together in electric dreams


EU plan for fracking law threatens UK’s shale gas boom

Energy bills to fuel rise in inflation

Coalition backs coal-based energy revolution

UK’s next offshore energy fortune lies in coal

‘Toxic’ culture at npower at root of poor service – whistleblower

4,000 windmills produce no more than one proper power station [Booker]

Green energy cost-cutting plans may lead to more onshore wind farms

Inside the Hinkley Point nuclear plant

Hinkley Point C: Britain’s nuclear future


Energy market shake-up to hike bills by £6bn as households will be forced to pay extra £20 a year, warn experts

The great green con: MPs, Lords and lobbyists who advise Ministers on eco policies… then cash in 

The fatcat ecocrats exposed: Web of ‘green’ politicians, tycoons and power brokers who help each other benefit from billions raised on your bills

Two peers set ‘to be barred’ from the house of Lords following cash-for-access allegation

JAMES FORSYTH: What do the Tories want from Santa? A veto on every EU law

wales on sunday

Rock star Cian Ciaran speaks of his fears over the building of a nuclear energy plant in Wales

sunday independent

Bord Gais wind farms rebuff for Mainstream

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